Heard the one about the pocket?

Browsing the books at the school fair, Pearl found a small, slim volume with the banner title “Hip Pocket Jokes“.  With “Jokes” in bold, just like that.

“Look, Mum!  Hip Pocket-Jokes!” she said.

“Hip Pocket.  Jokes,” I corrected.

“It says Pocket Jokes,” she claimed, rather petulantly.  I saw small grins on the faces of nearby parents.

“It’s a book of jokes that fits in your hip pocket,” I explained.  “So it’s called Hip-Pocket Jokes.  It’s not jokes about pockets.”  She threw me a disbelieving look.  “Honest!” I protested.

The nearest browsing mother threw me a sly look.  “Maybe it’s really cool jokes about pockets.  Really hip jokes.”  We both smothered chuckles.

Pearl bought it anyway, and has punished me for my impertinence by telling me jokes ever since.  Who knew a hip-pocket edition would have so many jokes in it?!

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