My musical prodigy

At what age do children normally master the skill of whistling?  Pearl hasn’t yet, not that she’s really tried.  I’m pretty certain Fainjin can’t either.  But Babess can!

As I was changing her after her morning nap, I was amusing her by whistling a little tune.  She laughed, and tried to imitate me, blowing out and of course not making a sound because her lips weren’t pursed.  I laughed back and told her she was clever – she’d figured out it wasn’t a voiced sound, and had most of the elements about right.

A short while later, she was walking around and I heard her whistle!  She looked up at me and laughed, and I was so startled I nearly forgot to laugh with her.  It’s a baby whistle, she’s not making tunes, but it’s a definite whistle.  I called her Dad to tell him, and he was somewhat unimpressed until he heard her.

It’s a very cool trick.


4 Responses to “My musical prodigy”

  1. Marie Says:

    My oldest (nearly 7) learned to whistle at 5 & he doesn’t whistle tunes. To me this is pretty impressive, but I’m unable to whistle myself. My younger two (now 4 and 2) have not figured it out yet.

  2. Margaret (Nanny Goats) Says:

    Wow! And I’m more impressed because it wasn’t an accident and was able to do it again for Daddy!

  3. L Says:

    Wow – I can’t whistle at all. Never could.

    My sister’s oldest – at six months – would sing a note back to you if you sung it at him: “la” and he’d sing back the same note. Change notes, he’d change to the new one. That trick didn’t last too long, though it was amazing while it lasted!!!

    Hugs!! –L

    • upsidebackwards Says:

      Oh, yeah, she can sing in tune, too. She’s done that for ages – I think she is probably the most musical of my fairly musical lot. 🙂

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