Mummy in the middle

Tonight we gave a friend a ride home.  He’s the Dad of one of Pearl’s school friends, and works near us.  We bumped into him on the way to our car, and offered to save him a bus trip.  He rode in the passenger seat, and I squeezed into Pearl’s normal spot, between the two car seats in the back.  It was a squeeze, but not too awful for a short trip.

Fainjin and Babess were hugely entertained to have Mummy in the back seat between them.  They both chortled gleefully as I clambered in and fastened my seatbelt, and they talked all the way home.  Babess soon settled into demanding to have her jacket, shoes and/or socks removed (and/or replaced), but Fainjin was more conversational.  He usually describes our route for us, letting us know what’s “noming up”, but tonight he was especially informative, noting every bridge we went over or under, each tunnel we took or passed, and describing various vehicles of interest.  He divided his attention between me and our guest, telling us that diggers are “bery noissy” and pointing out every single motorcycle (“with a man on top!”).  It’s kind of like having a two-year-old hyper-GPS-system, with extra narrative.

Our guest today seemed amused and appreciative.  Thank goodness he has small children of his own.


2 Responses to “Mummy in the middle”

  1. Christie - Childhood 101 Says:

    Lil Miss 21 months is currently obsessed by motorbikes and I get the full commentary in single words, “Motor” “Yes, a motorbike,” “Helmet,” “He is wearing a helmet,” “Pants,” “Yes, pants too,” “Gloves,” “Backpack,” “Boots,” it goes on and on and on. And then we see another one and it all begins again!

  2. leechbabe Says:

    My oldest loves holding Daddys GPS system and directing our route when we go out in the car together.

    Love the description of the motorbikes with the man on top 🙂

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