Stage fright

Pearl is playing “Jingle Bells” for the music school’s end-of-year concert.  She’s meant to play in a large group, with about half of them playing the tune, and the other half playing a harmony line.  Last week she was the only one playing the tune who showed up for the lesson.  That did not go well.

This week, she has practised every day (often under extreme duress, mind you).  She has nearly memorised the whole thing – they don’t have to, but she finds it easier than reading the music.  And she is quite surprised at how much her playing has improved in just a week.  I have nearly bitten my tongue through to keep from chanting “I told you so”.

I hope more of the children playing her line with her show up tomorrow.  And for the concert in a few weeks!


One Response to “Stage fright”

  1. leechbabe Says:

    Awww I hope the others show up. Would be horrible to think you were going to perform as part of a group and then be on your own.

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