Babess is growing up so fast.  Well, not up, exactly.  She’s still tiny.  But she’s in the middle (I think) of another development spurt.

She is walking everywhere now, and even starting to run, toddle toddle toddle, super cute and amazingly fast.  She has more and more words, and copies more words, especially “‘es peeessse” when she wants something.  She is asserting herself even more than before, and even more loudly (ouch).  Fainjin has discovered the sport of baby-pushing, which is rather like domino-toppling except that the domino screeches at you afterward.  He’s not malicious about it, it’s just rather fun to do apparently.  She now pushes back.  He doesn’t topple, but she’s learning to shove quite hard.

Hmmm.  Reading the above few sentences does not make me feel like parent of the year, but I’ll carry on…

Babess has also taken a liking to a particular baby doll.  It’s one we’ve had for a while, a 6-inch plastic doll wearing a little pink jumpsuit.  I always thought it was too small to be very realistic, but because she’s so small it’s the perfect size for her.  She carries it around and kisses it, and takes it for rides on her “car”, and dumps it in the middle of the hallway when she’s bored with it.  Then she rediscovers it and cries out “Babeee!” and picks it up, kisses it and cuddles it, patting its back and saying “Ahhh-ahhh”.


2 Responses to “Babeee”

  1. leechbabe Says:

    Awwww so cute.

  2. Bon Says:

    my little girl is 14 months and has a remarkably similar, passionate yet easily bored, love for her baby dolls. she carries them by their necks, but is otherwise extraordinarily loving and nurturing with em. it’s sweet.

    her older brother was never so interested.

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