Smiles all around

This afternoon at daycare they had face-painting.  Official face-painting, not like Babess’ efforts yesterday.  She was relatively paint-free today, but Fainjin had just had his face done when we arrived.  He was thrilled with a bright yellow face and red curly moustache.  He declared himself a fireman, and put helmets on himself, his Dad, and Babess.

Babess hadn’t seen his face being done, so she saw it for the first time just as we did.  She was even more delighted than he was, I think, and laughed and laughed and laughed.  She followed him around laughing as if he was the most wonderful thing she had seen in her life.  You couldn’t help but chuckle along, and several people did.

Babess likes to walk along the street to get to daycare now.  She’s so tiny, we get lots of smiles and comments.  This morning a kindly lady walking alongside us said “She looks too small to be walking!”  I replied politely that she’s 17 months old but has only been walking a few weeks, and the poor woman was so busy watching Babess that she walked right into a street-sign!  Luckily she wasn’t hurt, and she told Babess to be more careful than she herself had been – but she did go off rubbing her head.  I had to bite my lip, it was just like a Charlie Chaplin film.

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