Good morning Mama!

Fainjin has been able to climb out of his cot for a little while now.  Mostly, though, he hasn’t.  Only on the wildest nights has he “escaped” more than once, and had us put him back in.  He enjoys being able to climb in – with the side down – and we have discussed whether it’s time to take the side off completely and let him have a “big boy bed”.  I think he’d be reasonably good about staying in bed in the evenings, but we liked the way he stayed in his cot in the mornings most of all.  He and Babess share a room, and if they’re both awake in the morning they talk and laugh and generally keep each other entertained.

But this morning may have signaled an end to that.  Yesterday he appeared before we were quite prepared, but that was Saturday and we have to get up anyway.  Sunday is the only day we can possibly attempt to sleep in.  I suppose I should be grateful he didn’t come looking for us until after 6am, but I truly would have preferred 7:30 or even later.  I do not like hearing a chirpy “Hello Mama!” at that hour of a Sunday.  I try not to be too grumpy, but I did my best to stay asleep despite all provocation!

He cheerily climbed in beside me, his little feet apparently replaced by blocks of frozen nitrogen, and I think he chattered away.  I remember him going away to find a “truck stowy” and then coming back – feet still frozen – either to read it to me or possibly to put it on my head.  I burrowed deeper under the duvet, and he chattered some more before deciding to go and see his Dad.  Considerately, he got out of bed and walked around to the other side.  I was foggily grateful not to be climbed over.  I heard the Dad gasp as the icy feet made contact, then I think I nodded off again.

One benefit of Fainjin waking us up is that he didn’t wake Babess up, I suppose.  And I am much better at resolutely staying asleep than the Dad is.  Eventually he decided that it was worth getting up just to avoid those cold feet, and I was left in peace.  Guilt drove me out of bed, but not for some time, and by then Babess was up too, and enjoying breakfast with the men of the house.

I suppose there’s not much point leaving the cot side up any more.  Unless there’s some way we can put barbed wire along the top?


One Response to “Good morning Mama!”

  1. leechbabe Says:

    I’m not much good at sleeping through once the children are awake. My husband woke me at 5.30am this morning and I had trouble falling back asleep, once my girls were up at 6am that was the end of it.

    I do so envy your ability to sleep through those interruptions.

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