Monday, Monday

The end is nigh.  The end of the school year, that is.  And it shows.  Poor Pearl is showing signs of strain.  She’s missed quite a bit of school this term, with one thing and another, but it’s still taking its toll, especially with all the end-of-year kerfuffle that goes on both in school and out of it.  There are concerts and productions, recitals and parties, and some are sensibly at weekends but others are mid-week evenings, and it all gets a bit much (even for me, and I’m not seven years old).

Today there were temper tantrums and tears, a falling-out with a friend, a telling-off from a teacher, and life was just a misery.  A trip to the library on the way home was a bright spot, and the rest of the afternoon was spent curled up in the rocking chair with newly-acquired books.  Violin practice was grudgingly done (concert coming up at the weekend), and hair washed.

Hopefully tomorrow will work out a bit better.

One Response to “Monday, Monday”

  1. leechbabe Says:

    We are battling the same end of year of year demons. Many many more tears and tantrums, lots of sensory seeking behaviour and almost complete loss of language for my youngest.

    I’m canceling everything I can, we are making brief cameo appearances at parties and functions before retreating to the sanctuary of home.

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