‘inkle ‘inkle ‘tar

All of a sudden, Babess knows the words and actions to “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.  Of course, I have sung it (and other songs) to her since she was born, and they sing it at daycare, but I checked – no-one has specifically “taught” it to her.

At the weekend, I was changing her nappy and singing to her as I often do, and she “twinkled” her fingers and sang along with me.  Her version is rather condensed, going something like this:

‘inkle ‘inkle ‘tar,
UP! high, di-i-ya sky,
‘inkle ‘inkle ‘tar,

She waves her fingers, then stretches up, and for the “diamond” she carefully brings her forefingers together.

It’s amazing the things she just seems to pick up along the way.

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