Contrary Miss, Party Animal

Babess is giving up her evening feed.  She’s just not very interested in it any more.  I was unprepared for this, because both the other two gave up their morning feed  first.  Babess still comes looking for me in the mornings, although I suspect if we had her toast ready early enough she’d be satisfied… but I don’t know if I’m quite ready for that yet.  One at a time.
A small part of me is sad and wistful.  On the other hand… Hey, maybe we could leave the house one evening and a babysitter could put them all to bed for us!

Fainjin, in his pyjamas, about to have his evening milk (cow milk), jumped out at me with two large cushion/beanbags.  “This is.  A .  Party!” and he was dancing around the room.
“No, it’s not, it’s bedtime.”
“Oh.  OK”, and he sat quietly(ish) to drink his milk.

Why do I feel like I just had a close shave?


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