At the doctors office, while Fainjin was having his cough checked out, Babess was beetling about investigating all the supplies and samples handily stored in drawers and racks of wire baskets.  The doctor was not perturbed by this, so I kept an eye on her but let her wander.

As we got up to go, I saw she had both hands full of treasures.  “Babess,” I said, “Those need to stay here, we’re not taking them home.  So please put them back now, it’s time to go.”  And, rather unexpectedly, she did.  I grinned at the doctor, and said something facetious about intimidating my children into obedience.  She laughed, and said, “It’s too late now, but about twenty years ago I could have given you mine to train, it would have saved me a lot of trouble.  That’s amazing!”

I think she still had quite a bit of tidying to do after we left, but she might not have noticed for a little while.  Babess is great at taking things from one drawer and placing them neatly somewhere completely different.  At the weekend she tidily slotted half-a-dozen Christmas cards between CDs on a shelf… it took us some time to find them again!

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