A walk through town

I had to take Fainjin back to the doctor today, his cough is not getting better.  He was so happy to see me arrive at daycare.  “Mama!  We going in the car?”  “No, sweetie, we’ll go home on the bus, after we’ve seen the doctor”.  “Where’s Daddy?”  I explained that Daddy was still at work and we’d just have some Mummy and Fainjin time, and he beamed.

We had an hour and a half to fill before the appointment, so we wandered slowly through town, stopping at a toyshop, “Look, Mama! Nomas the Nank Engine!” and a bookshop (more Nomas), ambling past the court building “P’leece cars!  Lotsa p’leece cars!”, and greeting friends who were out doing their Christmas shopping, during which he stood quietly and politely and smiled charmingly.

If it wasn’t for the occasional coughing fit, it would have been a very pleasant morning indeed.

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