There was a Christmas party at daycare today, and Father Christmas brought gifts for the centre.  I think that’s a great idea – all the children get to play with the (really amazingly excellent) toys, and no-one is jealous of anyone else’s gift.  Plus we don’t have to organise ourselves to get a $5-or-under gift we don’t really want so that there’s something in the sack for everyone.  But I digress.

One of the gifts was a memory card game, with really sweet little pictures on each card.  Babess really liked the cards, and kept lifting them up to show them to me.  She would say, “That!” and I would tell her what the picture was – “Dragonfly!”, for example, and she would then repeat it.  More or less.  “Dwan-ai”.

She particularly liked the pictures of the teddy bear and the cake.  No surprises there.  Then she showed me another picture.  “Monkey!” I said.

“Ooo ooo ah ah!” she replied.  Big brother has taught her well.

One Response to “Words”

  1. Kelley Says:

    LOLZ. Big brothers can teach a lot. Next will be how to give a right hook…

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