Back on the bus

Twice in the last two weeks, I have taken the two toddlers into town on the bus.  Both times, it’s been easier than I expected.

Last week, although they argued about who would sit where (they both wanted to be in my lap at the same time, or by the window at the same time), they were pretty well-behaved.  Babess charmed the woman sitting across from us by smiling and making cute eyes at her until she said “Hello”, and then Babess introduced us all!  I had to laugh, she pointed to her brother and said his name, then pointed to me and said “Mummy!”, all the while looking quite seriously at the stranger in front of her.  And then Fainjin pointed to his sister and said “An’ dat Babess!”  Whereupon the woman grinned at me and asked “Is this the little boy who used to come on the bus every morning with his Dad?  He’s grown so big!”

Today, they were both as good as gold.  Fainjin sat by the window at the back of the bus so he could see everything, and Babess and I sat next to him, her on my lap.  They entertained each other all the way to town, often bursting into giggles for no apparent reason.  I saw other passengers, unaccustomed to such merriment on a rush-hour morning bus, glance over their shoulders at us to see what was going on.  At one point I saw Fainjin wait until Babess had stopped laughing.  He paused a beat, then caught her eye again and poked the tip of his tongue out at her.  That was enough, they were both helpless with giggles again for several minutes.

It certainly beats having screaming children for company on a bus-ride!

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