Party season

We hosted a neighbourhood barbecue this evening.  It was lovely, not a huge crowd (busy time of year!) and very relaxed.  It was BYO everything, so I didn’t have to do too much preparation or even very much shopping.

The kids had a great time.  They really enjoyed having lots of people over and eating outside.  We took the highchair outside so Babess could survey her kingdom (and not wander off while eating).  A hedgehog came to visit, rather surprisingly as they are normally very shy.  We see them sometimes if we go outside at night, but they usually freeze or run away when they realise we’re there.  This little fellow seemed about to come and join the party in broad daylight, but eventually thought better of it and trundled around the edge of the garden to his hidey-hole.

Fainjin steadily munched his way through a bowl of chippies and another bowl of crackers, disappeared while the “real food” was being eaten (and it was delicious, mmmm bacon off the barbecue with grilled asparagus and mushrooms, topped with fresh avocado and tomato…), then reappeared when pudding was on the table.  He managed to con someone into a second bowl of icecream, as well!

That’s what Christmas parties are all about, when you’re nearly-three.


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