Babess loves the phone.  She’s not very interested in toy phones, no matter how many noises and flashing lights they have.  She wants a real phone.  She will toddle off with my cell-phone (keypad safely locked) and carry it around for ages.  She would love to get hold of our cordless phone, but it doesn’t lock so I’m pretty careful with that.  She likes to talk to her Dad if he calls, though, and sweetly waves when she she bids him “Buh-bye Daddy!”.

Today we were Auntie B’s house, and her cordless phone was on the table.  Babess was sitting in her aunt’s lap, and reaching out, “Phone!  Phone!”.  “No,” said her aunt, “that one’s my phone.  It’s not a toy.”

Babess pursed her lips, gave Auntie B the Look, and repeated “Phone!  Phone!”.  She was refused again, and was preparing a stronger protest when – suddenly and loudly – the phone rang.  She nearly jumped out of her skin!

An hour or so later, she was playing very happily with a toy phone.  No chance of that one ringing and giving her a fright.

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