Christmas baking

Pearl had a good friend over to play this afternoon.  They played outside for a while, drew some pictures, and helped me bake.  We made chocolate “Christmas Puddings” and stained-glass biscuits (cookies).  While they were off running around I also made a Christmas tiffin, adding orange peel and almonds to the usual recipe.  Pearl’s friend was very pleased to take a box of her work home to share with her Mum.

I saw these in a magazine, and thought they would be good for kids to do.  The girls loved making them!  It was so simple, just a dollop of white chocolate on top of each chocolate-marshmallow biscuit, then a red lolly/sweet/candy on top.  We put some green candy “leaves” on some too.

For these, I made the biscuits and got the girls to fill the holes with crushed boiled lollies.  We found that one or two colours at a time works best – you can kind of see that the heart in the centre-bottom of the picture has an orange-and-green centre.

It was a busy day, but it had its compensations…  Don’t worry, we didn’t eat all that’s missing all by ourselves!  We’ve already packaged some up for gifts.  But Pearl and I did have to carry out extensive taste tests.

And finally, since I’m posting photos today, here’s one for NannyGoatsInPanties:

… nearly half of our Christmas tree decorations are goats!  It’s a Scandinavian tradition we’ve borrowed, and I’m not sure of the story behind it.  But I think they’re lovely.

3 Responses to “Christmas baking”

  1. Nanny Goats Says:

    I didn’t know about this tradition of Goats in Christmas Trees! Thanks for the shout out, and the candy and cookies looks amazing. It’s hard to believe that first one is as easy as you claim. It doesn’t look easy!

    • upsidebackwards Says:

      The tree decorations are miniatures of the large straw goats they have, um, everywhere. I found this on Wikipedia: Ours came from Ikea (can’t wait until they open one of those NZ!). The “christmas puddings” are truly a five-minute wonder, but it does help to have chocolate-covered marshmallow biscuits in every supermarket. Maybe you could try World Market? The US doesn’t do chocolate cookies like we do, but WM probably has a British or Australian version. After all, I’ve heard they carry Timtams (and if you haven’t tried those, you really should). Merry Christmas, Margaret!

  2. Stimey Says:

    Those cookies are gorgeous!

    We have those same decorations. Love ’em!

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