Christmas Eve

It’s too hot to eat (for me, at least).  Pearl is in bed, heroically trying to go to sleep in time for me to wake her for Midnight Mass.  I am trying to transpose music for the service.  Fainjin is noisily resisting going to bed and trying to “sneak” (loudly) into my bed to “go to sleep” (he says) there.  Babess is probably glad he’s left the room, she might sleep now.

When they are all asleep, the Dad and I will wrap the presents and put them under the tree.  Then I’ll wake Pearl and we will go out into the night.  We will sing and play by candlelight and celebrate with a small congregation.  Then we will come home for hot chocolate, a slice of stollen, and sleep.

No doubt it will be an early-ish morning nonetheless.

Merry Christmas!

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