Sick chicky

Pearl stumbled into our room about midnight last night, crying.  “I don’t feel very well…”  I managed to get her as far as the bathroom door – at least we were well off the carpet.  She and I were up quite a few times after that, and she got fresh sheets on her bed about 4:30am.

So we’re both pretty wretched today, although she has had the worst of it, of course.  She has spent the day curled up on the couch with an ice-cream container nearby, a glass of water (and later, flat lemonade), and a pile of Tintin books.  She slept quite a bit, and had a slight fever.  I think she will be fine, she has eaten a little plain food for dinner and – fingers crossed! – seems to be suffering no ill effects.  Hopefully it’s just a one-day bug which will all be over tomorrow and no-one else will get it.  Please please please.

Fainjin and Babess were accepting of their big sister’s fragile condition today, treating her fairly gently and being moderately quiet around her.  They played outside in the sunshine, enjoying their new swing set and just running around.  When they did come inside, Babess would copy Pearl by snuggling down on a cushion, as if it were a game.  Fainjin would settle at the other end of the couch, sitting quietly with a single toy or book.   It was quite nicely peaceful, in fact.

I’m hoping for a return to normal chaos tomorrow, though.


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