This had better not set the tone for the rest of the year

Babess has the bug now.  She must have vomited in the night, her Dad found her all mucky this morning.  She seemed chirpy enough for a while – came to me for a feed, nibbled on some dry toast, ran around outside with the other kids, but then she got quite sick.  She has vomited several times today, and can’t even seem to keep down water.  She’s very thirsty, and I feel so mean only giving her a very little at a time.  She guzzles it, then cries and begs for more.  “Mama, more water, peeeeeese”, it’s heartbreaking.  But if I give her too much it comes back at me 10 minutes later.

She has slept for most of the day, sitting on us listlessly the rest of the time.  We’re keeping a close eye on her, and hope that – like Pearl – she will be on the mend tomorrow.

Meanwhile, we’re anxiously watching Fainjin and each other, lest we also fall ill.  We have things to do and places to go these holidays, and Fainjin’s birthday is this weekend.  Fingers crossed!  (and hands washed thoroughly and often).

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