Summer holiday

We’ve been away, as you may have noticed.  A week, most of it without internet access, and rather nice it was too.  We rode on boats – which Fainjin insisted on calling his “birthday boat”, even though we had had to delay nearly a week.  We drove a long way.  We saw snow-capped mountains and wild beaches.  At the same time.

We saw seals with pups, and I might have seen a dolphin.  Something dark leapt clear out of the water, perhaps another seal but definitely not the shark that Fainjin would have it be, and probably not Pearl’s mermaid or whale either.  Still, we had fun discussing the possibilities.

The children rode their scooters through the park, Babess gained a remarkable amount of confidence on various playgrounds, and Fainjin gave me more grey hairs by scaling improbable heights – first a very high slide, then a large rock riddled with caves.  Pearl got to meet some horses; too scared to pat them, she nonetheless talked all the way home about which one she liked best and would choose to own if only she could.

Most days it rained at least a little.  Most days it was warm enough to wear t-shirts, or at most a light sweatshirt.  That was good, because the coats had been unintentionally left behind.  Most days we basked in the warmth of welcomes from friends and family we had not seen in too many years, meeting their new family members as they met ours, establishing new links and renewing old.

We lived from meal to snack to meal, planning outings around morning and afternoon teas, eating far too much junk food and cafe food, and enjoying wonderful impromptu meals with friends who thought nothing of feeding an extra five people at little notice.

The kids explored rock pools, Fainjin keen to meet a shark but Pearl rather put off by the idea that a seal might be on the next rock around the bend.  Neither of them were in any danger.  Babess kept demanding to “Walk!”, and if we were inside, to go “Out-tide!”   At our accommodation, they wallowed in the extra-large spa bath, enjoying the novelty.  (We don’t have a bath, let alone one that can fit three wriggly children.  Babess gets to splash in the laundry tub; the other two have showers.)

And today, home at last, they fell on their toys with delight, enjoying being back in their own rooms with their own toys and sleeping in their own beds.


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