The Night Visitor

Fainjin had a bad dream about 4 o’clock this morning.  I heard him cry out, and checked the time.  Then there was a rumble as he jumped out of bed and came hurtling into our room, howling for MummyDaddyMummyDaddy!  He ran around to his father’s side of the bed, and vaulted over him to burrow in between us.

I hugged him and rubbed his back, murmuring reassurances, and he dropped off to sleep almost immediately.  I’m not sure he was ever really awake.

A couple of hours later, I woke again and stretched.  I had plenty of room, and had forgotten about Fainjin being in the bed.  Then I rolled over and had to grin.  The reason I had plenty of room was that Fainjin was snuggled up hard against his Dad, who was sleeping on the very edge of the bed.  Pearl used to do exactly the same thing, but to me.


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