Babess is at the stage of copying lots of words.  Mostly she likes to copy her brother and sister, which can be really cute.  The other day, the older two had made a fort in one bedroom, and Pearl said “Mama, mama, come see!  come see!”, then Fainjin said “Tome tee Mama, tome tee!”  Then Babess – who hadn’t even been in the room and had no idea what they were talking about, echoed “See!  Mama!  See!”

Favourite new words are “Outside!” and “Namwich!”.  Even more popular is “Cake!”.  Mostly she seems to deal in imperatives, which I suppose is a toddler’s prerogative.  She likes complicated sound combinations, like “church”, and will say them over and over.

She strings two or three or more words together, especially if she’s asking for something.  “Peese Mama, milk!” is one I hear often when she’s tired.  My own favourite is hearing the gratitude in her voice, after a long day whenI go to put her down and she says “Bed!” as she almost jumps from my arms into it.

She’s not always clear, though.  Often she will be pointing at something, asking for it, and get very frustrated – as do we.  She is plainly asking for something, and we will try everything that we can see in her line of sight, and she says “NononoNO!” to each thing, then repeats “[unintelligible] PEESE!  Peeeeese Mama! [unintelligible] peese”.  Sometimes she gets so frustrated that she will try to bite something.  She has learnt that biting people is not on, so often she will bite her sleeve, or a nearby chair or table.  I feel so sorry for her – she is trying to use her words, and those dullards of parents she’s been saddled with still don’t get it.

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