It all depends who leaves whom

Pearl and I went to daycare this morning to spend an hour or so with Fainjin and Babess.  They liked having us there, and it made it easier for their Dad to leave for work without fuss.  Babess was quite worried that I might go, too, and if I moved more than a few steps away from her would come scurrying after me.  She was happy to sit and play with other children, and move around, but she kept one eye on me in case I looked like I was trying to escape.

Then it was time for an outing, and Babess was meant to be going.  We didn’t know whether she would want to, since Pearl and I were still there. For a while she dithered, but then she appeared at my knees with her jacket in her hands, saying “Jacket!  On!”.  So I helped her into it, and she gave me a huge grin.  It takes a little while to organise a group of children to go out, so there was a fair bit of milling around.  Eventually she was in the push-chair, with a friend walking either side of her, and they were all making their way out the door.  Pearl and I bid her farewell.  She beamed at us and gave us a royal wave.  “Bye-bye!” she chirped, and was gone.

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