Orders and invitations

Fainjin is going through a phase (oh, I hope it’s a phase!) of waking upset at around 4am.  He wakes up crying, then there’s a thump as he climbs out of bed and a rumble as he comes running through the house, crashing into things because he’s not really awake, finally bursting through our door (still crying) and vaulting into our bed, where he is promptly sound asleep again.

This morning he woke, chirpy as you like, around 6:30am.  “Daddy!  Get out!” he ordered peremptorily.  He grabbed a t-shirt for him, and said “Here!  Shirt!  B’ekfast time!  Get out!”  Since it was about time to get up anyway, his father good-naturedly complied.

Then Fainjin walked around to my side of the bed, where I was grinning and curled up hoping he wouldn’t notice me.  He put his hand near mine, leaned in and said kindly, “Mummy, do you want to get out now too?”

“No, thank you Fainjin”, I replied, as his father guffawed in the background.

“OK”, he said, and went out to have his breakfast.


One Response to “Orders and invitations”

  1. Stimey Says:

    Okay, you need to foster this. Good boy!

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