Retail therapy

Fainjin went with his Dad to do the supermarket shopping today.  Babess has been unwell again, so I stayed home with her while she slept.

Fainjin loves the supermarket, and is always keen to go.  I’m not quite sure why, but it does make things easier – unless one of us is trying to duck out for a quick trip alone!  But today the real excitement seemed to start when they got home.

He came roaring through the door, looking rather bedraggled due to our “summer” weather, saying “Look Mama!  I ALL wet!”  I assured him he was not in fact all wet, just quite damp, and he would soon dry out.  He looked at me rather sceptically, but enthusiastically set about helping me put the groceries away.  It was as if he were channeling some sort of illusionist.  He would plunge his hands into a shopping bag, grab something, and produce it with a flourish:  “Look Mama!  Pasta!“…  “Look Mama!  Gar’c bwead!“…  “Look Mama! juice! Ahahaha!”…  with a little happy-dance each time.

Certainly by the end of it he was indeed dry.  But I do wonder sometimes what is going on in that head of his!

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