The last word

When Pearl and Fainjin bicker, it often comes down to “Are!” “Am not!” “Are!” “Am not!” arguments.  This is how it goes:

They are playing together, or not, when Fainjin does something Pearl doesn’t like, or interrupts her.

She tells him to stop it and go away.

He refuses.

There are words at escalating volume.

Pearl calls him something unpleasant and he refutes it. (Repeat this step ad nauseam).

It’s the refutation which often has me smiling to myself, as when he claimed not to be a “big meanie”.  “I a WITTLE meanie!”  But he outdid himself the other day.  I don’t know what the dispute was about, but his outraged sister yelled, “Fainjin!  You horrible little boy!”

He replied with equal force “I not!  I a wittle GIRL!”

He got the last word.  She was laughing too hard to even be mad at him anymore.

2 Responses to “The last word”

  1. Stimey Says:

    Surprise is often the best way to unseat your enemy.

    My kids are like this. No matter what, they claim to be the opposite.

  2. leechbabe Says:

    ROFL that is too funny.

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