The worst holiday ever

Fainjin is still ill.  We’re having some tests done to determine the cause, but in the meantime we are keeping ourselves to ourselves – he’s too sick to be going out, and I can’t risk spreading whatever-it-is to other families by having anyone over.

These last two weeks of the school holidays were meant to be Big Girl time.  Pearl had won some film tickets, and we were going to go together.  We were going to breeze through cafes and libraries, and maybe do some sewing.  Pearl was going to have play-dates, and I was looking forward to some alone-time.  I also need to practise for a concert in just two weeks [panic!].

With the little man so sick we’re struggling to get any of that done, and it’s hard on Pearl.  She’s great about playing with him and sitting with him when he feels miserable, finding quiet things for him to do and keeping him company.  But she’s bored.  She was looking forward to our special time at least as much as I was, and she misses her friends.  Today she rested her head on my shoulder and said “This is the worst holiday ever!”  I couldn’t disagree.  It’s certainly the worst she’s ever had, although things could of course be worse (and I’m forever mindful and grateful that they aren’t).

She’s going off to Nana and Poppa’s for another sleepover tomorrow, which is a treat but also a bit of a consolation prize.  School starts next week.  For all our sakes, I hope Fainjin recovers very very soon!

One Response to “The worst holiday ever”

  1. leechbabe Says:

    I hope he gets better soon.

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