Before Pearl was born, I used to play music a lot, both solo and in a group.  I remember waiting for my lessons, hearing the student before me, and feeling her boogie around in time to the music!

Shortly before she was born, I had to “retire” temporarily – I play a wind instrument, and she was crowding my lungs.  And after she was born, we moved away, so I no longer had lessons or played with my group.  For a year or so I had a regular duet partner, which was great, and she would listen to us practise as she fell asleep.  But then we moved back, moved around, had more babies, and I haven’t played much in the interval.

Now I play regularly again, at a local church, which I enjoy, and have somehow been included in the programme of an upcoming concert, playing with musicians who are much better than I am.  No false modesty here: I am out of my league, in above my head, and feeling rather panicky.  I will get there, I hope in time for the concert!, if I can only get in enough practice.  The other musicians are very generous souls and are doing their best to help me out, but I need to do the hard graft.

Because Fainjin has been ill, I haven’t been able to work as hard on the music as I would like to and really need to.  I’ve been trying to sneak practice in while he’s resting or playing quietly with Pearl.  But it’s a bit like talking on the phone – the kids ignore you for ages, and as soon as you start doing something that requires your close attention, they neeeeed to talk to you.  Pearl comes and taps my shoulder while I’m playing.  Not in time with the music, either.

Fainjin comes to me and, seemingly oblivious to the music, says, “Mummy, what’s that in your mouth? What’s in your mouth?  Mummy, what’s that in your mouth?” until I stop and answer him.

Guess two people who are probably not coming to the concert?

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