Jacket. On!

It is the middle of summer.  It hasn’t been the warmest or sunniest summer, but at the moment we have some settled weather.  Certainly too hot be wearing polarfleece in the middle of the day, for example.

Babess loves her jacket, though.  It is too big for her (like so many things), and her fingers barely peep through the rolled-up sleeves.  Whenever she sees it – as we pass it on its hook in the hallway, or in her cubby at daycare, or piled in the back of the car in case we stay out later than expected – she wants to put it on.

If she can, she will grab it and bring it to us.  Otherwise she comes empty-handed, but with the same look of deadly-serious intent in her eyes.  “Jacket,” she says.  “Babess, no, it’s too hot!” I reply.  But, “On!” she says firmly.

“You will get too hot,” I tell her.  “On!” she insists.

“It’s sunny, look, and everyone else is just in a t-shirt.”

On!”  She can be quite intimidating, you know, even if she is barely knee-high.  She has perfected a Look.

So, unless we’re about to get in the car or in some other situation where removing the jacket would be awkward, I usually help her to put it on.  Then in about 5 minutes or so I suggest that she might like to take it off and be nice and cool again.  She usually frowns at me (rather fiercely), but reluctantly agrees.

I think some things you need to learn for yourself, and in her case, “wearing a fleece jacket on a warm day is uncomfortable” might be one of them.  Rather like her brother has to learn “wearing sandals on a cold rainy day means you will end up with cold wet feet” for himself.

Life would be so much easier if they would just believe what we say!


One Response to “Jacket. On!”

  1. leechbabe Says:

    Gosh it would be so much easier if they would just believe what we say! Annie lost a pair of leggings on the first day of school because she took them off after getting too hot. I’d told her that it was too hot for leggings but she refused to believe me.

    Same goes for wearing thin summer dresses in winter and the freezing cold result.

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