Babess has been reluctant to wear her cute pink shoes recently.  It could be because the weather has been warm and it’s too hot to wear those shoes, or it could be that they’re getting a bit small.  I noticed she was also growing out of her sandals, so today we took her to buy new shoes.

She just loved it.  She sat on the stool in the shop and we brought her pairs of shoes, which she waved around, saying “Shoes!  Shoes!”  We tried on two or three different sorts, and she expressed firm opinions on each.  There was even one pair that we really liked but she clearly didn’t, screwing up her face and trying to pull her foot away as we attempted to try them for size.  So we left those ones behind.

We came away with one pair of silver sandals and two pairs of sneakers – all labelled “pre-walker”.  The soles on the sandals are fine, but I expect the soft sneakers will not last very long.  They’re probably intended for babies aged about 6 months – the shoes for “walkers” are all far too big for our dainty little lass.

Back to Nana and Poppa’s for lunch, and she had to show off her new shoes.  Then she had to wear them – no problem at all, she ran around in the sneakers all day.

The trouble started at bath time.  She happily undressed… all the way to the shoes and socks.  She was appalled that I expected her to have naked feet for her bath!  How could I deprive her of her new pretty shoes?  What a cruel and heartless mother she has been saddled with!  She roared and wriggled and had a very brief bath, just long enough to get clean and begging for “Shoes!” the whole time.  She was even more disappointed when I didn’t let her put her shoes on with her pyjamas to go to bed.

I can see trouble ahead in the fashion-obsessed teenage years…

3 Responses to “Shoes”

  1. Kelley Says:

    Babess is my kinda people.

  2. Ginia Says:

    SHOES! Sonny laughs when I get an award at work because I skip off singing about the new pair of shoes I plan to treat myself with…so far, I have a pair of “I worked really hard for these” boots and shiny sandals. Wonder what it’ll be this year?

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