Clean, and almost tidy

I washed all Fainjin’s and Babess’ toys today.  My goodness, there are a lot of them.  Far, far too many, in fact.  They need a weed-out.  Some are too young for them now – baby rattles and the like.  Others are simply surplus to requirements.  Those will be harder to weed out, there are some difficult decisions to make.

I started to make some of those decisions today, but I was thwarted.  You see, it was a glorious day, and I had spread all the toys out on picnic blankets in the sun to dry after I washed them.  I went out with the toyboxes (also washed) to start sorting them out, and I also took a large plastic bag for toys we wouldn’t keep.

But by the time I had washed everything and waited for them to dry, Babess had had her nap and was up again, and was toddling along behind me determined to help.  I put a few of the obvious candidates into the “not keeping” bag, then started sorting out some “definite keepers” into the toyboxes.  I could hear Babess playing behind me, chattering away to herself, and I thought she was enjoying playing outside with all her toys in the sunshine.  Which she was.  But she was also “helping”, and putting everything she could reach into the “not keeping” bag.  If only she had realised what she was doing!  It was tempting to let her do the choosing, but some treasures had found their way in, so I emptied the bag out.

I’ll try again when there are no kids around.  She might give all her toys away unwittingly, but the other two would conspire to neeeeed every single one.  Best they disappear quietly, and are never missed.

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