Run, run!

Babess likes to walk most places now, especially between the car-park and daycare.  It’s perhaps a hundred metres, not far for a grown-up but a long way on tiny little legs like hers.  She loves to be lifted up to push the buttons at the traffic lights, and we walk past a couple of fountains which must be closely inspected as well.

Once those highlights are past, it’s a flat straight walk to daycare, and usually we’re a fair way behind Daddy and Fainjin at this point.  So Babess will decide to “wun! wun!”

She walks along with exactly the same gait and at the same speed, but moves her arms faster.  It’s gorgeous.

One Response to “Run, run!”

  1. tisha Says:

    I am sure it is beautiful
    My cousin has a son

    I plan to have twins boys and a girl
    just three kids…

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