Meanwhile, Fainjin and Babess danced to tunes from the recorder and ukelele teachers

It was enrolment day at Music Centre today.  Last year, Pearl really wanted to learn the harp.  Sadly, her hands were too small for the instrument, and the teacher advised us to wait until she was eight.  So she learned the violin instead last year, and did very well despite a reluctance to practise.

This year, she had decided to carry on with violin, and join the choir as well.  While the Dad waited in the extraordinarily long queue to hand in the forms and the cheque, she and I wandered around talking to the teachers.  Sitting next to the choir teacher was the harp teacher.  She exclaimed over how much Pearl has grown in the last year, and invited her to try the harp for size now – and it was pretty good.  So she said Pearl could start learning the harp this year, if she’d like.

Pearl thought hard for a minute or two.  I knew she didn’t want to learn more than one instrument at once, and I could tell she was torn.  In the end, a little to my surprise, she decided to stay with the violin for this year.  The harp teacher recommended we consider piano lessons as well, perhaps half-way through the year, as everything she learns on the piano will transfer to the harp.  That’s a bit tricky, because we don’t have a piano, but we might be able to work something out if Pearl wants to do it.

I think she made a good decision.  Another year of violin will give her some more advanced musical skills, and she will grow a bit more too.  If she still wants to take up harp next year, she’ll be better prepared – and she might be ready to learn two instruments at once by then, so might not have to (or want to) stop the violin lessons.

Or she might drop the music altogether in favour of rugby or spelunking (for example).  Unlikely, but it’s always her choice.


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