Feats of observation

Babess is getting more and more words, repeating things we say to her and saying three- or four-word sentences of her own.  She is also very confident and opinionated.

Today on the bus she pointed and said “Balloon!  Mama, balloon!”

“Balloon?” I asked, not sure if that’s what she’d said since I couldn’t see one.

“Balloon!” she agreed, still pointing.  For the life of me, I couldn’t see it.

“I can’t see a balloon, ” I told her.

“Babess see,” she told me firmly.  And that settled the matter.  Fainjin does the same with planes, although we can usually spot those after he’s pointed them out.  I get the feeling our children think we’re a bit dim and so is our eyesight…


One Response to “Feats of observation”

  1. faith Says:

    Don’t fight it! Its only going to end up that way anyway. 😉

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