Big boy bed

I’ve mentioned before that Fainjin likes to sleep on the floor.  He’s recently also started appearing in our bedroom in the middle of the night, wanting to sleep in our bed.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t sleep in our bed.  He wriggles, talks, climbs over us, demands back-rubs, kicks our blankets off, and drools on our pillows.

So he gets put back to his bed.  Then he objects to that, gets up again, gets put back to bed, objects… you probably get the picture.  Last night it started just after midnight, before I had quite fallen asleep, and there was no sleep for me until about 3:30am.  He was back at 6:30am, which was fine since we had to get up then anyway.  Neither he nor I was fit for company over breakfast, though.

We’ve had a few helpful hints from friends and colleagues.  He’s not toilet-trained, but we will try taking him every time he wakes up, in case his bladder is what is waking him.  We’ve talked to daycare about shortening his naps.  And tonight we’ve removed the side of his cot so he has a “big boy bed”.  The cot is designed to convert to a toddler bed this way.  So far, so good.  He went to bed with no fuss, and is sleeping in it instead of on the floor of his room.  It might just be because he’s tired after last night’s antics, but my fingers are crossed.

And so far he’s only fallen out once…

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