My heart sings too

Music Centre started for the year today.  Pearl went along to her violin lesson very happily, and did very well right up to the last minute of the lesson.  She’s having lessons by herself this year instead of in a group, and that suits her well.  She couldn’t remember any music from last year – not surprising, since she hasn’t touched or seen a violin since before Christmas – but she followed as the teacher led her through “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and was nicely in tune most of the time.  At the end, I could see her tiring.  Standing up straight and holding the bow properly and keeping her left hand relaxed and trying to bow straight down moving her elbow like a hinge all got too much and the tears came – of frustration rather than reluctance, though, I think.  Her teacher, a stand-in for a couple of weeks while the regular teacher has other commitments, was wonderful with her, and we’ve come away with a couple of things to concentrate on in practice.

Then there was some playing-outside-in-the-sunshine time.  The Dad had been outside with Fainjin and Babess during the lesson, and the three children were delighted to be reunited (after a whole fifteen minutes!) and run around the playground.  Fainjin was very good at telling me where he was going – “Mama, I going on da blue playgwound.  I go up da stairs”, he said, pointing – and Babess scampered after him whenever she could.  She can raise her foot up to her ear to try to climb something, which is startling to watch.

Next it was Pearl’s first choir lesson.  There are two choirs, and for today only they met together.  Fortunately, Pearl will be one of the oldest children in the junior choir.  The older kids from the senior choir were a bit boisterous, which made her nervous, and I think the junior choir is the smaller of the two.  Most of the lesson was introductory stuff, but in the last quarter-hour they started singing – first notes and sequences, then learning a new song.

Babess had been playing quietly with the contents of my handbag for most of the time.  When the singing started, she looked up at me and beamed.  “Moosik!”

In years to come, I think this house could be filled with singing…


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