Who, me? In three.

In the car after church, we were trying to listen to the recording of last week’s concert. In the back seat, the children were squabbling, and Fainjin was the main instigator.  In an attempt to distract him and get a few minutes’ peace, I said, “Hey Fainjin!  Are you listening to the lovely music?”

He paused, considering, and listened for a few seconds.  Then he looked right at me and said dismissively, “No”.

Pearl was holding Babess in her lap, when Babess’ head came back suddenly and caught Pearl on the mouth.  It really hurt, and Pearl was upset.  Babess wandered off, and I encouraged her to go back and give Pearl a hug.  Babess shrugged – I don’t think she had any idea that she had caused the problem, or how much pain was involved.

Fainjin got up off his seat and went to his big sister.  He gave her a big hug, patted her on the back and said, “Awww, Pearl”.  Such a sweetie!  Babess copied him, too, which made Pearl feel a bit better.

We were all watching the football on TV together, and our team scored.  “Fainjin!  Goooal!” I said.  He gave me one of his deadpan looks.  Babess, sitting on a cushion on the floor, looked up at him.  “Fainjin, goooal!” she said.  “Goooal, goooal, Fainjin, goooal!”  She was waving little fists in the air.  The look she got was one of tolerant big-brotherly amusement.

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