Entertaining herself

Today being a Monday, Babess and I were at home together.  After she’d had her lunch, and while I was still having mine, she amused herself for a while.  She got a baby doll and a book and a couple of bracelets, put them together in a little bag, and carried it around on her shoulder like a handbag.  Then she took the baby out, stood in the kitchen and said “Weddy,  deddy, gooo!” and ran to the laundry.  Once there, she stood still while saying “Weddy, deddy, go!” again, and ran to the kitchen.  Back and forth like that for a while, then baby went back into the bag.

She went to find more books.  Baby came back out of the bag, and after being thoroughly kissed, was read to.

I nearly forgot to eat, I was so entranced watching her.  Then, of course, Baby fell asleep (or so I was told), and it was my turn to read to Babess.  It’s a privilege to share her world.

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