Little monsters

This morning in the car, Fainjin was being a monster.  “Rar! Rrrar!  I a MONSTA! Rar!  Rar!”

Babess, giggling, was his echo.  “Wa! Wa! Monsa! Wa!”

Then, sweetly and seriously, Fainjin asked, “Daddy, you be a monsta too?”

The Dad, driving, did not respond.  I prompted him when it wouldn’t be too distracting.  He grinned and said “Squeak!”

There was a brief puzzled silence from the back seat.  Then Fainjin said, very seriously, “Daddy, I not hear dat.  Say rar.”

So Daddy said “Rarr!”, Fainjin and Babess said “Rarr!”, and all was right with the world.


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