Pearl came home from school disgusted.  “We did a quiz to find out what sort of smart you are.  The quiz was quite fun, but it said I’m logic-smart!  I’m not logic-smart!  I’m in the bottom group for maths!  It should have said I’m word-smart!”  She’s not in the bottom group for maths, she’s just not in the top group, either.  I tried to explain she was probably a bit of both, but she rolled her eyes at me and sighed, “Oh, Muuum”.

Later, I was talking on the phone to a friend about a house I had seen for sale.  Remarking on the bathroom facilities, I noted that it had a separate toilet.

Babess was sitting nearby in her highchair, eating lunch.  She heard the word “toilet”, and looked up at me.

“Toilet.  Big.  Babess big.  Babess toilet,” she said.

“Yes, toilets are for big people.  You’re a big girl and can sit on the toilet,” I replied.   She beamed.

She watches Fainjin being hustled off to the toilet, and usually wants to have a go at the same time.  Being so little, she’s quite frightened of sitting on it, but we make a big fuss if she does.

This toilet-training thing is going to be a race.  But I know at least one little girl in this house who is “logic-smart”.


One Response to “Syllogism”

  1. Walter Says:

    Kids, adorably innocent and charming. It’s hard and satisfying it is to be a parent. 🙂

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