And even more grey hairs…

First, you should know that we have quite a steep driveway.  It comes down from the street to our house.  Fainjin and Pearl like to ride their bikes and scooters down it, making my blood run cold – but I grin gamely as they shriek with glee.

Today, while the Dad was working in the garden, he saw Babess stolidly pushing her ride-on up to the gate.  That’s quite an effort for a wee lass, and he wondered just what she might be up to.  Luckily, he followed her.

She got up to the gate, sat astride the bike – facing the gate – and kicked off.  Yes, with the apparent intention to hurtle backwards down the hill at breakneck speed.  He caught her before she built up too much velocity, and suggested a less risky way to get to the bottom.

She was furious!  She screeched at him for ruining her fun, making her displeasure very plain.  He was insistent, though, and she remains in one piece.

Then he came in to tell me about it, purely for the fun of watching my face go green, white, and green again I think.

One Response to “And even more grey hairs…”

  1. lambaround Says:

    LOL. Your kids are much braver than me!

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