Playing mother

Babess came to me with her beloved baby doll, which has a semi-removable nappy fastened with velcro.  “Poos, baby poos!” she said, wrinkling her nose.

“Does your baby need a nappy change, then?” I asked, amused.

“Yeeeah.  Poos!” she said.  She put Baby down on the floor and opened her nappy.  “Poos!” she said again.

“Clean her up, then, sweetie”, I told her.  She toddled off, and I thought the game was over.  But no, she reappeared with a change mat and the box of wipes!  Ummm. “I think you could just use pretend wipes for Baby”, I had visions of handfuls of wipes being distributed around the house (it’s happened before).

She was good about it, just pretending to wipe the doll.  Baby is clearly much more “real” to her than any doll ever was to Pearl, though.

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