Guess where Fainjin got to go with daycare today?  That’s right: the fire station!  It’s hard to believe it’s nearly a year since they last went.

I’m told he stood in almost religious awe, and even got to go inside one of the engines.  He was a bit shy of having a go with the hose – understandably, I reckon, they must be pretty powerful!

It sounds like all the kids who went had a great time, and they were given little packets of goodies to bring home with them.  There was a “plan your escape” worksheet, three cards showing different fire-engines, and some stickers.  Generous soul that he is, Fainjin gave the stickers to Pearl, and apparently gave one of the cards to Babess (she was clutching it in her sleep when we checked, so either he gave it or she took it and he let her).

It seems his blog-name is well-earned.

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