Of princesses and frogs

One of Pearl’s Christmas presents was a set of fairytale stamps, and she has enjoyed using these to decorate and even plan her stories.  A recent trip to the cinema also seems to have inspired the following tale.  In the photos you can see how she has used symbolic underlining of the text to relate back to the stamped plan:

ther wunce

long long ago there was a castle.  In the castle there lived a Princess.  the castle was riht next to a pond.  In the pond there lived a frog.  the Princess and the Frog were in love.  one Day they kissed.  the Princess turned into a kind but ugly witch!  She used potins to turn back into a Princess.  She lived happliy ever after.


I note that nothing further is heard from the frog.  I hope he didn’t go to live with Stimey

One Response to “Of princesses and frogs”

  1. Stimey Says:

    So adorable! I love it when they write stories with their iffy spelling and adorable but strange ideas. 🙂 And what a clever use of her stamps!

    Yeah. I hope the frog doesn’t come here. My second tadpole is starting to grow legs and look froggy and I’m concerned for him. Maybe Pearl could take care of him.

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