In future, all maths problems to be expressed in terms of “extra reading minutes”

I’ve been drilling Pearl in her basic maths facts for a week or two now, and it’s going really well.  The bait reward of extra reading time in the evening really motivates her, and she usually reminds me to test her, rather than the other way around.

I’ve even expanded the programme a little: we now do twenty questions (worth 30 seconds each, so the reward is still up to 10 extra minutes).  The first ten questions are “groupings to ten” as before, and the second ten are “doubles and halves” – “five plus five” or “half of twelve”, for example.  She’s getting quicker and quicker at both sorts, although she hasn’t quite made it to the ultimate reward of chocolate yet – remember, that’s a whole week of perfect scores.

And yet, even though she hasn’t had her chocolate, I find myself wondering how much she’s playing this.  The other night she got only one wrong or late.  “Your score tonight is nineteen”, I told her.  Without missing a beat, she said “So I get nine and a half minutes!”.

Yeah, right, and you reckon you struggle with “half of fourteen”?!

Perhaps I should slip in some partial differential equations to see whether she’s really paying attention…

One Response to “In future, all maths problems to be expressed in terms of “extra reading minutes””

  1. Ginia Says:

    Love it! Clearly she has her priorities…

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