The big race

Pearl ran her cross-country race today.  The scars from her disastrous preparation for the race have nearly healed.  I wasn’t worried about her getting any more – she was running on grass the whole way – but I was a bit worried she wouldn’t be able to run the distance.  I have memories from my own school days of finishing so far behind the field that everyone was sitting down eating their lunch by the time I puffed my way over the line.  I wasn’t unfit – I think I was doing two dance classes a week, as well as walking a fair distance to school and back most days – but I’ve never been a runner.

She was little nervy before the race.  There were incipient tears, and a woeful “But I hate running!”  We gave what encouraging words we could, and crossed our fingers.

And she did it!  She ran the whole way, and finished in a group.  Not near the front, but not last or with the stragglers either.  I did chuckle quietly as she slowed to grin at us when she started the second lap, but she picked up again quickly.

Best of all, she was proud of herself and pleased with her performance.  Her siblings were impressed with her as well, giving lots of hugs and kisses.  Fainjin was disappointed he didn’t get to run too, though.

One Response to “The big race”

  1. Jeanine Says:

    thats awesome! I remember these type of runs in school myself. I always felt amazing afterward and so proud of myself! good for her! 🙂

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