Open wide for the choo-choo train

Fainjin is starting to branch out in his eating, very slowly and in very small ways, but he’s still very very fussy.  One of the things he will (almost) always eat is spiral pasta, with cheese on top.  He’s taken to calling it “wiggles”.

Tonight we had tricolore chicken tortellini, possibly his best meal as it allegedly contains both meat and vegetables as well as pasta.  There are not enough tortellini in a packet to feed a family of five, so I always pad it out with spirals.

Fainjin gleefully called out the colours of the tortellini as he ate them, “Now I eat a onginge one!  Now I eat a gween one!”  I don’t mind as long as he’s eating them.  Once the tortellini were gone, he started on the spirals.  “Look Mama, I eating wiggles!”

Then he started making connections he hadn’t made before.  He held out a piece of pasta on his fork.  “Mama!  Now I eat Murray.  ‘Cos he’s the red Wiggle.”  Then poor Jeff got eaten “… ‘cos he’s the purple Wiggle”.  I was bit worried that only two more pieces of pasta were going to be eaten, but Fainjin was evidently hungry, because he switched characters.  “Now I eat Nomas the Nank Engine, ‘cos he’s the blue train.”

Thank goodness for the dozens of trains that populate Sodor Island!


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