After an awful start to summer, we’ve had quite a long warm, dry spell and very nice it has been too, thankyouverymuch.  But today autumn decided to kick in, and a cool wet southerly blew into town.  Walking from daycare to the car in the drizzle, Fainijn and Babess enjoyed the novelty.

On the way home, Fainjin kept remarking on the rain.  “Daddy all wet!  And Mummy all wet!  And I all wet!  And Babess all wet!  And car all wet!  And bridge all wet!  And tunnel all wet!  Look Mama – dat car all wet!…” and so it went.

Eventually he wound down.  I thought he’d run out of wet things to name, but when I looked over at the back seat, he was asleep.  Worn out from excitement, I think!


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