What has two hands but no fingers?

Remember how Pearl bought a joke book at the school fair?  Well, she found it again today.  We were subjected to long hours of knock-knock jokes and riddles.

“What kind of hat do spies wear?”

Her father and I looked wearily at each other.  “We don’t know.”

“A peek cap.  Hmm.  I should get one of those.”

We grinned.  That would definitely go well with her invisible ink and code wheel.

“Mum, what sort of furniture can you eat?”

“I don’t know.”

“A lounge suit.”

“Eh?!”  I confess, I hadn’t been paying 100% attention, but this one made me think.  Eventually I got it.  “Ooooh, lounge suite!”


2 Responses to “What has two hands but no fingers?”

  1. Margaret (Nanny Goats) Says:

    Uhhhh…wha..? I think you need to be a Kiwi to truly appreciate these jokes. 🙂

    I don’t even know what a peek cap is!

    A dopey American.

    • upsidebackwards Says:

      I think it’s a pun on peaked cap – apparently a service cap in American English: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peaked_cap.
      You know what a lounge suite is, right? Matching living-room furniture (desperately trying to re-phrase!). Suite is pronounced sweet, and sweets = candy. More British English than NZ (we say lollies), but understandable even for seven-year-olds.
      Not dopey at all. Just American 🙂 I’m sorry, I forget the need to provide translations sometimes!
      I must check where the book was published…

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